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Welcome to our studio!

About Toolbox

Toolbox is an award winning, multi discipline creative agency specializing in marketing strategy, brand strategy and advertising.This includes everything: brand identity, marketing campaigns, advertising campaigns, digital communications, filmmaking, photography, website design, graphic design and anything else we need to deliver outstanding results.

And that’s what it comes down to. Results. We go to great lengths to deliver a full report on every campaign we do, so you can see exactly what works and what doesn’t.





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We have a great espresso machine. Save $2 and take advantage of our free coffee on the way to work.

We’re in from 9am and if you time it right we’ll even give you a little conversation.

To enquire about our services, please contact us on the details below.

Toolbox Strategies
2630 Bristol Circle, Suite 600
Oakville, ON

t: 905 – 829 – 2693



Cary Kokkonen

Founder and CEO

Visionary. Built house with his own hands … on his own island.

Speak to him: if you want to hear the truth about your brand. If you listen, he will even tell you how to fix it.

Joss Monzon

Transmedia Director

Gives creative direction. Similar job to Steven Spielberg, but without the budget.

Speak to him: about brand identity, film, storytelling and making it happen.

Audrey Bailey

Account Manager

Makes sure we all make our meetings on time. And much more, obviously.

Speak to her: you definitely will. She is responsible for looking after our favourite clients.

Liz Kokkonen

Digital Media

Swims digitally without armbands. Knows websites we’ve never heard of.

Speak to her: via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ …

Lauren Kokkonen

Production Design

Bright spark and emerging design talent. Can multi-task (well, she smiles while she works).

Speak to her: about graphic design and anything Apple.